LWF Youth Camp 2017


The Living Word Fellowship (LWF) holds an annual youth camp around June each year. The camp runs over four days, giving God’s children an opportunity to fellowship together and, through the ministry of the Word, be drawn closer to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The theme for this year’s camp was Trust in the Lord – Proverbs 3:5. The camp speaker was Brother Craig Booher, from Believers Christian Fellowship, Ohio – USA.

The camp ran from a Friday to Monday, in line with the start of Australian university break and was held at Camp Somerset – approximately 2 hours from Brisbane. Approximately 95 youth attended, from all over the world including; Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, USA, India, and Cambodia.



We all arrived at the LWF church hall where our Pastor, Brother Daniel welcomed everybody to the youth camp. There was a lot of excitement – everyone was keen to catch up with friends they made at last year’s camp as well as meet new faces. It was a great atmosphere. Brother Daniel introduced everybody into their teams and we had a few ice breaker activities. After lunch the buses arrived and everybody loaded their bags and jumped on for a two-hour road trip. A few of the youth brought instruments and we enjoyed great singing and beautiful scenery on the way to camp. When we arrived, we were allocated into our cabins, the hall was setup as we prepared for service and a yummy Italian themed dinner. Brother Craig preached the service “Hunted”. We fellowshipped around a light supper and people had a chance to play board games and get to know each other.


We had an early start on Saturday with an optional devotion first thing in the morning. Brother Richard from Ohio spoke on “Leaning not on your own understanding“. It was a cosy atmosphere around the fire, with a cup of tea or coffee, such a great way to start the day. We had time to go get ready for breakfast and the morning service, which was taken by Brother Craig. He preached on “Purposed to live for God”. After lunch we got into our teams and went to the sports field to play a few outdoor activities. It was good to see some friendly rivalry between teams, hidden talents emerged and opportunities were taken by those with natural leadership abilities to step up. After a couple of hours, we had free time to do whatever we wanted before a lovely Mexican dinner and the next service. Brother Roshan Masih took the evening service: “Recognising your Purpose and Position in the Scripture”. We finished off the night with a light supper, music and a few quiet games.


Sunday started with a devotional service “Trust” by Brother Luke Mafura. Even though it was optional, almost everyone attended. After a quick breakfast, we got ready for the morning service. Brother Craig preached on “The Answer”, which was a true blessing. After the meeting, we had a bit of free time while we eagerly waited for the roast lamb which we could smell throughout the whole camp. We finished the delicious meal and got into our teams to do some indoor activities. Once again it was great to see young people getting competitive and having some fun. It was a more casual day, we had plenty of free time, some used that time for quiet time, practising items, and some went down to the courts to play volleyball, tennis and basketball. Brother Craig took the evening service and preached on “The Supernatural Fountain of Life”. The spirit moved many young people to come forward for prayer and the atmosphere prompted bro Daniel to call groups within the youth to the front to lead songs with him. The last service for the camp ended on a high note and left us hungry for more and already looking forward to the next camp! After service we got into our teams for our last activity which was a quiz based on the camp sermons. Even though it was quite late, everyone was so involved and it was wonderful to see how much everyone had taken in during the services.


The last day of camp arrived before we wanted it to, and we sadly realised it was time to pack up and go. We woke up to a beautiful breakfast, and afterwards had to pack up and clean our cabins. By this time our theme song “Trust in the Lord” for the camp had become everyone’s favourite, and all you could hear was everyone singing it from all angles as we got ready. It was a bitter sweet moment. After packing up we all met in the hall for the last time. Bro Daniel gave everyone the opportunity to share testimonies or songs or whatever God laid upon their hearts. A few of us got up and shared, and it was great to see how God touched the hearts of His people. We were all surprised with going away gifts of mugs which had a “Trust in the Lord” logo on them. We had an opportunity to take pictures as well as write farewell messages on the camp banner, while our wonderful cooks were finishing off lunch preparations. After lunch we played a few friendly games while we waited for the buses to take us back to the church.

This camp was a truly wonderful experience and it left us under great expectation for next year’s youth camp. 



Friday Evening Service – “Hunted”: OneDrive Link (1.58Gb)

Saturday Morning Devotion – “Lean not unto your own understanding”: OneDrive Link (573Mb)

Saturday Morning Service – “Purposed to live for God”: OneDrive Link (1.61Gb)

Saturday Evening Service – “Recognising your purpose and position in the scripture”: OneDrive Link (1.91Gb)

Sunday Morning Devotion – “Trust”: OneDrive Link (645Mb)

Sunday Morning Service – “The Answer”: OneDrive Link (1.56Gb)

Sunday Evening Service – “The supernatural fountain of life”: OneDrive Link (2.31Gb)